Sunday, June 8, 2008

" LIFE BALL 2008" A Life And A Ball"

A look behind the scene and the journey to Vienna, Austria for the 'Life Ball' 16th annual event and their grand finale fashion show with the British lingerie label Agent Provocateur.

Casting by: Barrington Group

Derek K.(DNA), Rafton (Q) , Patrick McMullen (photographer) Lucas K. (major) Patrick P.(red)

Julia R (IMG) Vanessa F. (IMG) Olga R. (Elite)

Andre J( French Vogue cover model) and Nell Robinson ( Next)

Janaina (NY Models) and Vivian Vidal (Elite)

The flight crew

Red Carpet arrival (Vienna International Airport)

Sharon Stone and Gery Keszler

linda evangelista

Lydia Hearst

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