Friday, January 21, 2011


When famed artist Michelangelo created the statue of DAVID maybe he had a vision into the future of what his David would look like today, in the form of DAVID GANDY; a 6'3" Adonis with deep sea blue eyes, body as tight as the statue and looks to rival any movie star, yesterday or today!

Michelangelo was not the only one who thought our modern day Adonis would one day come to life, I did too!

About six years ago, David walked into my apartment for a meeting his agents in London (SELECT Models) had arranged but the words that came out of my mouth upon meeting him was, "wow, you're going to be a MAJOR supermodel"!

But, he laughed, not taking me serious!

But, I was!

And as fate would have it, I was blessed to use him in a series of campaigns for LEVI'S.

The design team of DOLCE & GABBANA saw the same and gave him the incredible break that is now making him possibly the first big male supermodel in ages since Mark Vanderloo, Tyson Beckford, Werner Schreyer, Richard Elms, Alex Lundquist (guys who dominated fashion in the '90's), etc.

David was the medicine needed in fashion to bring sexy, beautiful male models back to the spotlight that was lost for awhile from all the skinny, waif 'high school' looking skateboard kids 'with no sex appeal or expression in their eyes' that kept sauntering down the catwalk, season after season!

Now, fashion is realizing that there is a place for these young kids but most importantly, women love looking at a beautiful man!

Likewise, men aspire to look or just be like, DAVID!

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